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Company Formation

Nominee Service

Nominee Services

You can keep your details off the public record by having our officers as nominee director and/or secretary.

Why use a nominee service?

UK company law requires that information on company directors and shareholders be registered in both the company's statutory register and at Companies House.

With a nominee service, you can protect your details and ensure confidentiality. However, our service does not include involvement in the day-to-day running of your company. Our officers’ involvement with your company is limited to signing of annual returns, annual accounts and internal company contracts on your instruction. In the same way, you will be solely responsible for opening of company bank accounts.

What protection do you get?

Usually, a Deed of Indemnity is prepared and signed by you to protect your interest and confirm that we have nothing to do with the day to day running of the company and our involvement is restricted to signing capacity and to protect the actual owners from appearing on the public register.

Services you can add on

Speak to us if you would like our officers to carry out the following additional services (at a fee) on your behalf. That’s signing of:

VAT applications Bank mandates CT41G forms Authorise your agent forms Purchasing of any goods - house, car etc Tenancy agreements Merchant Account mandates


Nominee shareholder
Nominee shareholder
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