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Directors Service Address

The law requires all directors of all registered companies in the United Kingdom have a valid address in the UK where legal documents from Government Agents (HMRC and Companies House) could be sent. Also, this address would appear in the public records, which is accessible to all.
It must be said that company directors can use their home address as the director’s service address. It is legal to do so but the draw back to this is that your personal address becomes public. And most company directors wouldn’t want to make public their home address. Therefore, the Directors Service Address becomes handy. 
What do you get with this service? We will forward all director's statutory mails (from HMRC and Companies House) to your chosen address in the UK.
How Does It Work:
The cost of this service is £49.99 per year and it is for a single director in the company. Additional director will mean more of the service will be purchased.


Directors Services Address